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Passion + Intention

I can't even begin to realize that this opportunity is HAPPENING! I feel like I’m on a high from my excitement for my vision for this blog.

I have always loved writing + journaling. It was one way to express my feelings and thoughts without judgement. Growing up I went through many experiences that taught me at a young age and continued to tech me as I got older to not share or express my feelings. Often when I did share or attempt to express the way I felt I was given responses such as:

  • Your too emotional

  • You take things too seriously or personally

  • Can you just get over it

This taught my mind, at a young age, that my feelings and thoughts “bothered” others. And honestly, I did take the comments personally. I learned I couldn't open up with those that I should have been able to open up and talk about things with. That's why I truly believe I fell in love with writing and journaling.

Absolutely no matter what I put on that paper there was no judgement or guilt for expressing myself.

A few years ago, I told myself that it would be an absolute DREAM of mine to have a blog. Here I am at 27 and something I dreamed of is becoming a reality. I understand that this may not be big for someone but for me, someone saw enough in me to believe that I belonged in a beautiful community of ladies that truly embrace and encourage others to be themselves and to follow their dreams.

  • I’m following my passion

  • I’m following a dream

  • I’m stepping out out of a comfort zone

  • I’m listening to my heart

  • I’m trusting myself to do something I truly love

  • I’m believing in myself

I am being intentional with my purpose and passion.

I hope that during this journey I can use another passion of mine to help others feel heard. To cover topics that are very common for people to experience and feel in hopes that you start the journey to believe in yourself and to follow your dreams.

Some of my passions + interests + things I love will all be put in this space.

I have spent a lot of time healing, growing and striving to be a better person each day. I know I’m not perfect, trust me. But, I truly believe that my passion for writing is what I’m meant to be pursuing.

I will be interviewing people + places + small businesses that I love and truly believe the world should know about.

Thank you for joining me on this chapter of my life - THAT I’VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF!

Ways that you can support me-

SHARE- when you share you help others that may need this in their life without you even knowing.

CONNECT- Connect with me on social media, introduce yourself. I would love to hear your story and what you would like to see on my page.

Do you know small businesses that you think I should interview? Let me know so I can connect with them!



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